The designation of origin, known by the acronym DOC, is a brand of Italian origin that certifies the area of ​​origin and bounded collection of the materials used for the production of the product on which is affixed the mark; it is used to describe a product well-known quality, whose characteristics are due to the natural environment and the human factor and respect a specific production regulations approved by ministerial decree.

The denomination of controlled and guaranteed origin, known by the acronym DOCG, is a brand of Italian origin that indicates to the consumer the geographical origin of a wine. The DOCG is reserved for wines already recognized designation of origin (DOC) at least five years that are considered of particular value in relation to the characteristics intrinsic quality, compared to the average of those of similar wines classified as such, due to the incidence of traditional natural, human and historical and who have acquired fame and commercial development at national and international.

These wines, before being placed on the market, must undergo during production to a preliminary chemical-physical analysis and an organoleptic test certifying the compliance with the requirements of the specification; the organoleptic test also must be repeated lot by lot, even during bottling. For DOCG it is finally also provided a sensory analysis (tasting) performed by a commission; failure to comply with the requirements prevents the marketing under the brand DOCG.


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