Here he was born the DOC

Celebrating 50 years of the DOC
The first signatory of the law that regulates the quality of Italian wines was the Casale Paolo Desana.

Logo of the Cinquantenaire Doc

The term “DOC”, literally “DOC” refers to the set of rules governing the Italian quality wines, over time, almost fifty years, has turned into a real adjective that now in the common lexicon should mark a person, an object, a place, an area like insurance of style, class and quality. He could then have a greater success the law which established the “historical” 930, of which he was a speaker at the Senate and the first signatory Casale Paul Desailly, who managed to get it approved in July 1963 just after the its legislature after the election in the constituency Casale – Chivasso in 1958.

The DOC would probably not born here if they had not worked here since the mid-nineteenth century the Eighth, by Giuseppe Antonio to Edward and Ottavio, when Casale was the most viticultural area of ​​the Kingdom and the territory of the Province of Alessandria was counting on 170,000 hectares of vineyard and if Paul Desailly, to be able to translate into law of the State on July 15, 1963 (28 years late by the French!) the legislation of Appellations of Origin Geographical, had not been able to tap into what he called “Commitment Parliamentary Monferrato “, or the story of the proposals on the protection of quality wines from 1888 (on. Bertana, Mensio, Morini), 1914 with Edoardo Ottavi, 1919 with Arturo Marescalchi and his bill to protect” Typical wines “.

Many events organized by the Committee for the Fiftieth Anniversary of the DOC (1963-2013) within the activities of the Circle “Ottavi” chaired by Andrea Desana, to celebrate this important anniversary, which the Festival Bacco&Bach wants to make its contribution and support.

In December 2015 born the “Committee Casale Monferrato Capital of DOC” to the creation of a permanent center for research and documentation on the DOC; the civilization and the culture of wine, on the tangible and intangible heritage of the territory, the landscape of the Monferrato Heritage Site.
The Committee is the consequent development of a long period of collaboration and sharing of projects by a group of persons and associations of the territory, born from the fiftieth anniversary celebrations of the 2013 Doc, who realized many activities. The Festival becomes the main vehicle for the dissemination and promotion of the Committee, the culture of the DOC and Monferrato Heritage Site.


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